ChatFood for Entertainment

Uninterrupted entertainment. Always.

Entertainment is all about having fun and being fully immersed. You want you customers to focus on their experience and not have them worry about anything else. ChatFood is here to help!

for peak times

Provide hospitality for large spaces without disrupting your guest experience
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Enhanced customer experience

Offer F&B without impacting your customers' entertainment experience

Engage with your customers

Engage with customers before, during, and after their visit
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Easy bookings

With ChatFood’s booking system, attract customers to your venue and capture payment beforehand. You can even make this amount redeemable for your customers. Coupled with unique marketing capabilities like WhatsApp marketing, ChatFood is the 360 tool you need to take your business to the next level.

Best-in-class experience

ChatFood's one click ordering allows your guests to fully immerse themselves into your experience rather having to worry about how they can get food and drinks. You also capture feedback and are able to reward them for their loyalty. And, with our advanced built-in upselling features, never miss and opportunity to capture revenue

Drive more revenue

ChatFood supports your growth and helps you capture incremental revenue. Drive web, social media, and dine-in orders. Turn your first time customers even loyal by engaging with and retargeting them via WhatsApp, SMS and email, thanks to ChatFood’s marketing features.

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