7 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Restaurant

Aug 29, 2021 7:17 PM

Here’s how to tap into social media to increase profits for your restaurant.

Like it or not, social media is here to stay, and it is where your customers are. Learning to use it as part of your restaurant marketing strategy will pay off in the long run.

Here are 7 social media marketing strategies for your restaurant:

  1. Encourage and repost user content
  2. Use discounts and vouchers to build an audience
  3. Viral loop messenger functionality
  4. Use influencers to promote your brand
  5. Get more orders with social commerce
  6. Run contests promoting your monetized brand
  7. Poll customers for feedback and engagement


What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of adapting traditional marketing methods to social media platforms. To be honest, effective marketing principles haven’t changed much since, well, the beginning of time, but now your customers are located in cyberspace, so some adaptation is necessary.

What are 7 social media strategies for your restaurant?


Encourage and repost user content

The easiest thing to do to encourage your customers to post and share about your restaurant is to simply share their content. Anytime your restaurant is tagged or hashtagged, share it and repost it to your own followers. Your followers will love the engagement, as this is what makes social media so popular. They’ll be happy to post about your restaurant if they think they are going to get some recognition, and the possibility of new followers, in return. You can also encourage user content with hashtag campaigns by creating your own custom hashtag.

Use discounts and vouchers to build an audience

Who doesn’t like saving money? This goes without saying, so it is no wonder that so many restaurants use discounts and vouchers. A well-created discount can entice potential customers to come try something different. And with a customer loyalty program, they continue to receive discounts in exchange for their continued patronage.

Viral loop messenger functionality

Have you heard of a viral loop? This is another social media strategy that can benefit your restaurant.

A viral loop is a marketing campaign that focuses specifically on new customers rather than just followers. Existing customers get something in return for referring their friends. This is another method that capitalizes on the trusting relationship between your customers and their friends.

One great way to utilize this suggestion is through Facebook Messenger. Using a third party application, you can set it up to automatically contact your followers via messenger. It gives them the tools to carry out the referral, and then tracks the success of the referral.

You can offer different incentives for different amounts of referrals.

Use influencers to promote your brand

Every restaurant owner dreams of having their brand promoted on social media by a big name celebrity with a million followers, but you would need a celebrity budget to snag one. However, a smaller, less well-known, local influencer who connects with your target audience could do the job just as well for less. Influencers curate their brands by building trust with their audiences. You can capitalize on that trust when they mention how much they “loooooove” your food. You can even partner with these influencers to give them a unique trackable discount code to hand out to their followers or ask them to add you to a list of their local favorites.

We call this ClipShare, and it means that you get to not only track the performance of the ‘ambassador’ promoting you, but they get to easily direct their followers straight to your menu!

Get more orders with social commerce

Social commerce is a great way to leverage your followers to increase revenue. Simply put, social commerce provides a way for customers to do business with you without having to leave the social media app. When the process is streamlined all in one location, there is less chance of customers escaping the funnel through gaps that occur when they have to change locations to do research or complete the process.

Tools like an Order Food button allow your customers to move from visualizing your tasty food to arranging for its delivery in minutes. They receive instant gratification and a smooth process all in one convenient spot.

Run contests promoting your brand

Here’s a great example from Charley’s Philly Steaks

When it comes to contests and games, you are limited only by your imagination. People come to social media to be entertained, and what is more entertaining than a contest? When your customers enter the contest, their activity feeds the algorithm and gets new eyes on your products.

By offering weekly or monthly drawings, followers look forward to the chance at competition or to win free things. They can enter a draw by liking, commenting, sharing, or tagging others on designated posts. You could encourage creativity by having a competition to see who can write the best captions to a funny but relevant photo. You could even play trivia games in your social media stories where those who get all answers correct are entered into the drawing.

Poll customers for feedback and engagement

Everyone has an opinion and they like to share it, so why not ask for it?

Polls are simple and easy to set up on Facebook and Instagram. The poll can be as simple as yes or no, a choice of 3 or more, or even an opportunity for customers to leave comments or ask questions. The purpose of this is really two-fold. First, it encourages engagement, and second, gives you feedback directly from your customers.


How can ChatFood help?

ChatFood helps you maximize your social media efforts by providing you with the tools necessary to take your social media marketing to the next level. It is a third-party, all-inclusive platform that allows you to run your restaurant, collect and monitor user data, and market your restaurant.

All of the social media marketing strategies for your restaurant that we discussed work well in their own right, but they work even better together. When you partner with ChatFood, we give you the tools you need to implement all of these suggestions.


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