Commerce Inbox: A Centralized Conversational Commerce Solution for Instagram & WhatsApp

Sep 14, 2021 9:39 AM

Traditional ways of communication, including phone calls and email, are becoming obsolete as they lack the convenience that live chat and texting provide. As social distancing took over the physical world the past 18 months or so, the online world started to evolve and become more and more centered around creating authentic and genuine connections.

Human interactions and communications that are facilitated by chat technology, became as valuable and real as physical interactions. Once you realize this as a business, you will start taking action to complement your online presence with the right tools that will help you communicate better with your customers. This is exactly where Commerce Inbox can come in handy!

Bring together all your customers' messages in one place

Having an online presence can open up endless opportunities to connect with new customers and improve customer service, especially when effective communication between buyer and seller is established. Poor customer satisfaction can directly lead to low conversion rates, that's why you need the best live chat software available to handle customer inquiries or complaints efficiently.

Our mission at ChatFood has always been to empower F&B entrepreneurs through technology; that's why we keep thinking about innovative solutions to help you take your business to the next level. To help you sell better and communicate better, we built a new business chat tool that will have a huge, positive impact on your business growth; We are thrilled to announce the launch of Commerce Inbox.

What is Commerce Inbox?

Simply put, it's a centralized inbox that you can access from your ChatFood dashboard, where all your conversations from Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger (coming soon) can be managed. It helps you engage with your customers on WhatsApp Business and social media direct messages more efficiently to provide personalized real-time customer support and drive sales directly from conversations.

Commerce Inbox is a customer support feature that makes it easier for customers to engage with businesses, through chatting or texting apps that they prefer and feel most comfortable using. The feature enables you to respond to customer inquiries in a timely and productive fashion using the right tools that ensure a seamless customer experience, while also making your job so much easier.

How will our Commerce Inbox feature help you sell more?

Creating personal connections and enhancing direct communications with customers will help you capitalize on opportunities to convert and sell more. Commerce Inbox helps you engage with customers reaching out to your from different platforms in one place. It also helps you monitor and manage all communications easily and ensure you always have online chat support available.

In short, our centralized live chat feature will help you sell more and fuel your business growth by:

-Advertising your offers and promotions effortlessly.

-Answering your customers' requests instantly.

-Staying reachable with unlimited agents across multiple devices.

-Sending automated answers to the most frequent questions.

-Addressing the customer properly with the right message by having their profile and transaction history displayed in front of you.

-Selling and marketing your products better through our simple product finder tool.

-Keeping your customer updated with automatic order status updates.

You can learn more about ChatFood's new Commerce Inbox feature and how it can benefit your business here. Not a member yet? Sign up for free and explore how Commerce Inbox will boost your business sales!

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