Payment Links: Easy for your customers to pay. Easy for you to collect payments.

October 25, 2021

As a business, you aim to reach more people and ultimately get customers to pay for your products or services. Therefore, accepting payments should be the most straightforward step in that process. Right?

We know you agree. That's why ChatFood offers you an excellent option: Payment Links.

What is a payment link?

A payment link is an online payment method where a request for online payment is created and shared by the business to the customer for instant online payments. Clicking the shared link directs customers to a landing page for payment displaying the required amount, the purpose of payment, and the payment options such as credit or debit cards or mobile wallets.

Why should your business consider using payment links?

- With payment links, customers can pay from anywhere with their preferred payment option. Methods that include credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, etc. This increases customer satisfaction and can be used to build a loyal customer base.

- Complicated checkouts usually lead to cart abandonment. Offer your customers a simple checkout experience to increase revenue.

- They are perfect for social commerce. Since payment links can be shared via any social media channel (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc), they offer flexibility and provide customers with an instant payment option.

- You can identify who has paid you and who hasn't by managing and tracking the status of your payments in the ChatFood Dashboard.

How can I create and send payment links?

We enable businesses to quickly create and share payment links:

1- Go to your Dashboard or if you don't have a ChatFood account, create yours now.

2- From the Payment links tab, click the button Create payment link.

3- Next, fill in the payment details: Amount, Outlet, Purpose of payment, and Message.

4- Congratulations! Your link is active and ready to be shared with your customers.

5- You can copy and paste the link and send it via email, social media, SMS, and WhatsApp. Or even better, use the Commerce Inbox to convert chats to sales.

6- Upon clicking the link, your customers will be redirected to a payment page where they can use their preferred method (credit card, debit card, or mobile wallets).

7- When the transaction is completed, you will receive an email notification of the payment.

8- You can track the history and status of your payments from the ChatFood Dashboard; If one's outstanding, resend the link to remind your customer to pay.

Ready to generate your first payment link? Get started with ChatFood Payment Links to give your customers a simple checkout solution that benefits your business growth.

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