Google My Business for Restaurants: How to Optimize GMB Listings

September 29, 2021

In today's restaurant industry, visibility is crucial. You'll have a hard time getting people to order from you if they don’t even know you. The proliferation of mobile devices, as well as the continued popularity of dining sites/apps provide more opportunities for customers to find you than ever before. You'll need to do everything you can to compete with countless restaurants available online, which includes reaching new customers.

GMB is a powerful tool that you can use to increase your restaurant’s online visibility and attract new customers. Learn more in this article about the benefits of optimizing your Google My Business restaurant listing, promoting your restaurant through GMB and managing Google Business reviews.

Benefits of optimizing your Google My Business listing

Setting up a Google My Business account can really boost your business, and optimizing it can have a great impact on your restaurant's online presence. An optimized Google listing can remarkably enhance your business’s visibility on both search results and Google Maps. By having a local listing and updating it properly, your business will have a greater chance to appear in local search results depending on its relevance to the consumer’s search query.

Your listing can also serve as a direct and quick way for your current customers to find you and learn any information they are looking for; updated details concerning location, working hours, delivery mediums and more. Your listing can also include the most convenient ways for your customer to reach you or simply order food online directly from your website.

Google My Business listings are also a great way for you to learn more about your customers. You can do so by looking at the insights that the dashboard provides, showing you how people found your listing, timings at which your listing attracted more views and other metrics.

How to optimize your GMB listing

There are many GMB features that will help you increase your online exposure and ranking to reach new customers organically. Here are some tips on how to optimize your listing and use the features in the best way possible!

1. Business description

To enhance your listing, you need to add a business description in which you tell customers about your restaurant and what makes it unique. Write a comprehensive and genuine business description using relevant keywords. Use this area to mention what type of food you specialize in, which plays a big role in ranking for “near me” search results. Make sure you also include some information about your restaurant’s atmosphere and style.

2. Google My Business menu

Most people looking for a restaurant online are searching for the menu. You can add a link to your direct online ordering menu or list your menu items on your Business Profile on Google if you don't already have a menu list provided by a third party. Adding your digital menu link is a convenient way for customers to order online when they search for your business or stumble upon it on Google.

3. High quality photos

Upload high quality photos and videos of your menu items and your location to attract customers. Visual assets can play a big role in making your listing more noticeable and interesting.

4. Up-to-date business information

Make sure that your listing is complete and comprehensive by including all the information that customers will potentially look for: address, phone number, directions, working hours, menu link and images.

4. Posts

You can use the posts feature on your GMB page to update customers about new offers, introduce menu items or announce any events or changes.

Promoting positive Google restaurant reviews 

Customer reviews play a big role in making a restaurant listing successful and more visible. Of course, reviews are especially important for local restaurants and online food delivery businesses that depend more on online-orders than in-restaurant dining. You can ask customers to leave reviews on your GMB listing through your social media pages, handouts with each order, newsletter and promotions. You can also give them more incentive by offering a discount tailored specifically for customers who leave Google reviews.

Responding to Google reviews

Be it a positive or a negative review, it’s important for your business to respond positively. Doing so will show guests that you genuinely care about their opinions in your restaurant, and that you are willing to listen and make it right. A positive response to a negative review can go a long way in creating a sense of community and instilling respect in your relationships with customers.

Remember that many guests and online customers tend to check reviews before ordering or dining-in. It’s essential that you optimize your listing in a way that leaves a positive first impression, and monitor reviews to promote positive ones and deal properly with negative reviews.

Improve your restaurant using constructive feedback

It's easy to become engrossed in day-to-day operations and lose sight of what your customers see as a business owner or manager. Use both positive and negative reviews to gain insight into your restaurant from the customer's point of view and keep an eye out for reviews to learn more about your restaurant’s quality.

For instance, if a certain dish receives more praise and compliments, make sure you highlight it in the menu. A review can also help you evaluate your staff. When more than one reviewer leaves feedback pointing out a certain server’s behaviour, you may want to take it into consideration when going through performance reviews.

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