Having your own couriers: is it worth it?

Larissa Ribeiro
Aug 29, 2021 7:17 PM

The service of delivering products to consumers is highly valuable in this pandemic moment. Many companies are thinking about implementing this service, but they are uncertain about the best way to operate. One of the main questions is whether it’s worth hiring a courier and how to do it.

Surviving the pandemic is now essential, and revenue can’t stop, even if it decreases a little. Businesses need to study the possibilities and decide what is best for them. This text provides information, mainly about hiring couriers, to help answer questions and choose the best path.

How to choose the best delivery service

To implement a delivery service, it’s necessary to have motorcycle couriers available, besides a communication and marketing structure. You will need someone to take orders and pass them to the kitchen. It’s essential to choose the way to communicate with the customer, like social networks, phones, and WhatsApp. They can all be together, depending on the communication structure. Product promotion is also important, especially on the Internet.

There are a few options for hiring drivers: You can employ motorcycle couriers, delivery service providers, or delivery apps. Couriers can be hired as staff or freelancers. Each option has its pros and cons. The nature of each company must be taken into consideration to decide which one is most worthwhile.

How to hire motorcycle drivers according to the laws

The best way to choose how to hire a motorcycle courier should be according to the size of the company and the products offered. In small companies, the most usual is to outsource the service, but it’s not a rule, it’s necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages. If the company is large and has a good income, it’s probably more worth having a motorcycle courier hired.

The number of contractors will depend on demand. If the business is in a substantial ​​food area, it’s necessary to consider the customer’s waiting time. People usually order a meal close to eating time, and no one likes to wait when they’re hungry. So you can think about getting more than one delivery person, and also a strategy to make people order meals in advance.

Also, you need to weigh in all the benefits for delivery staff, required by law: minimum wage according to the category floor, paid annual leave, thirteenth salary, weekly rest, overtime payment, extra payment for night shifts, daily meal voucher, payment of an additional health hazard in the amount of 30% of salary, medical insurance and life and accidental insurance.

An autonomous motorcycle courier doesn’t have many rights, but neither do they have the same duties, but everything can be negotiated. To hire a self-employed motorcycle courier, you need to have some care and requirements. First, you should check if the location where they work is close to your company. When hiring, you must ask for proof of address. It’s important to request invoices from the services provided. It’s also appropriate to ask for references from companies he has worked for. During the performance in the company, it’s essential to inspect the condition of the motorcycle.

Of course, it’s crucial to make a contract with a freelance worker. Preferably the contract should be made with the help of a lawyer, but if you want, you can find on the Internet a contract template for this category. Everything must be very well agreed and signed to avoid any problems with the labor justice system. Having a self-employed person doesn’t release you from the employer’s responsibilities.

It’s also important to obey some safety rules to work on the function, such as having an antenna installed on the motorcycle. Inspect the condition of safety equipment every six months, such as vests with a reflex device. Besides, it’s forbidden to transport flammables, fuels, and chemicals. These criteria must be respected, and they are the responsibility of the contractor.

How to contract delivery service by service providers

If you choose to work with delivery by hiring a third-party service, it’s also essential to be careful. You need to be clear about the periods your restaurant has the most clients. A restaurant or cafeteria, for example, needs urgency at mealtimes.

When hiring, visit the company and check the organization. It may be useful to know if the delivery staff have a signed contract. You can ask for referrals from other customers who work with the service to make sure it’s efficient and reliable.

How to hire delivery service from apps

Delivery apps operate mainly in the food sector. They receive orders and pass them on to the restaurants. Then they pick up the goods and take them to the customers. Some apps don’t have a delivery service, so the company must have its couriers. In this case, the service works only as advertising and service. There are also order automation platforms, which help with communication and marketing dynamics.

Through these services, the company has excellent visibility, as many consumers come directly through them to know the delivery options. Quick snacks have plenty of output, according to application managers. When it comes to sign up for a plan, the company has to choose between a basic plan, which is the service without delivery, and the plan with delivery. The values ​​of each are different.

Deciding how to hire a courier will depend on the type of product and the company’s capacity. The number of workers can also vary according to demand. Being aware of the requirements of the laws is essential to avoid problems and unforeseen circumstances. To find out more about our solution, contact us!

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