How to enable contactless dining via ChatFood

November 18, 2021

The weather is fantastic, and lockdown restrictions loosened in several countries around the world. As a restaurant, you should be ready to receive valuable dine-in customers. ChatFood has a seamless contactless dining solution to help you meet the guidelines of the post-covid world and increase your customers' satisfaction.

What is contactless dining?

Contactless dining is how your customers can feel safe when visiting your restaurant by ordering digitally via their phone and paying at the table without touching cash or cards. Customers access the menu via a branded QR code on their table and begin selecting their food.

Restaurants that implement contactless dining successfully inspire the highest sense of hygiene adherence in their customers.

Why does contactless dining matter?

There are many advantages to contactless dining — we're left wondering why this wasn't the standard before. Let's review some of the benefits for restaurant owners and customers.

1-  Safe experience

Staff and customer safety is a top priority. Contactless dining reduces contact during the ordering and payment process, eliminating critical touchpoints such as menus, pens, and tickets, which helps to promote repeat diners.

2- Menu optimization

A digital menu is crucial for this to work. Maybe this is the most exciting opportunity for a contactless dining experience; you can continually test and optimize your menu in real-time. Make changes once in your ChatFood Dashboard, and it reflects immediately to your customers for dine-in, pickup, and delivery.

3- Increased Customer satisfaction

Number one for an improved customer experience is simplifying the ordering and payment process so customers can walk in and out with as little friction as possible. Customers will no longer have to wait for servers to bring them menus or checks; instead, they focus more on enjoying their meal and the ambiance.

How to activate contactless dining from your ChatFood Dashboard?

Activating contactless dining is as easy as 1,2,3. Literally!


Step1- From your Dashboard, go to the Outlets section, select the outlet for which you want to enable the feature, and click on Contactless dining. Enable it by clicking on the toggle button on top of the page. See how!

Step 2- Next, you can set payment methods and opening hours, just like you've set them on Order for delivery and Order for pickup.

Step3- Congratulations, look at your right; you have an automatically-generated QR code that you can print and leave on the tables for your customers to scan.

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