Meet clip: a Link-splitter for Your Restaurant’s Social Media Profiles

Aug 29, 2021 7:17 PM


Kreative Restaurants & Co use clip to aggregate their virtual brands.

It’s 2021 and you still have to decide that ONE thing that you are going to promote through your Social Media links… it’s a bit frustrating right?  If you can relate, fret no more. Meet clip: our restaurant-specialized link splitter for all your social media profiles.

ChatFood’s latest release tackles this limitation and gives you much more flexibility to drive your customers not only to your online menu, but also to your promotions, news, partner brands and much more.

We all struggle with the single link limitation on Instagram.

You have just transformed your Social Media pages into a great sales conversion channel, allowing customers to easily tap the links and place their orders. However, at the same time, you have just received the coveted award of the best dish in town and broadcast it to as many of your followers and loyal customers as possible.

Unfortunately that just isn’t possible without losing the traffic you are driving to your online ordering system from the main bio link.  Prompting the real question, “How do I share both?”

Does this situation sound familiar? You are not alone. We all invest time (and money) to create nice, catchy and sales-strong Social Media profiles, just to face the limitation of that single link slot.

It’s natural that, if you change the focus of your link from ordering to informing, you’re going to have less sales through your social media platforms. And both displays are necessary. So what’s next?

Creating a multi-function landing page for Social Media

We at ChatFood are always thinking about your success. That’s why the next natural step was to create something to help you solve this limitation. ChatFood Landing Social Media Page – clip allows you to finally bring all the brand identity and conversion your restaurant needs.

With clip, you can:

  • Drive new users to order: simply make a first order discount available through a voucher claiming button.
  • Incentivize returning users to order through your easily available Online Ordering System link.
  • Keep and promote brand identity: you don’t need to ignore those great Hero Shots anymore. Bring them to your header!
  • Promote Partner Brands & Concepts: create the necessary space to drive your “I-want-something-different” customers to your other concepts, linking clip to clip, or to anywhere else.
  • Share the news!  Have you been mentioned in a magazine? Organizing a new event? Promoting a new menu? Got that award? clip will add the link to whatever is going on inside or outside of the kitchen!
Leave the multitasking to clip

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