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Dine-in and Delivery
Best for businesses selling online and on-premise
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360 Loyalty program
WhatsApp Marketing
Advanced Marketing CRM
Advanced Data & Analytics
Delivery Integrations
POS Integrations
Dine-in Only
Best for businesses selling on-premise only
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POS Integrations
Data & Analytics
Loyalty & Discount System
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Digital Menu Management
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Best for businesses selling online only
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Online store builder
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Data and Analytics
Delivery Only
Best for businesses selling online only
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Online store builder
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Sell on your website
Premium on-demand delivery
Loyalty program
Data and analytics
Payment links
24/7 support
Dine-in and Delivery
Best for businesses selling online and on-premise
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Lowest payment fees
Includes all delivery and dine-in features
Unified ordering and payment
Unified loyalty program
Unified customer insights and analytics
Unified customer service module
Advanced WhatsApp Marketing
Advanced marketing solutions
Advanced discount module
Dedicated Account Manager
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Dine-in Only
Best for businesses selling on-premise only
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Low payment fees
Dynamic digital menu
Pay at table
Order at table
Table booking payment links
POS integration
Dine-in loyalty
Payment links
24/7 support
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ChatFood's Feature Suite

Online store builder

Social media & message ordering

Marketing launch package

Delivery partner integrations

Digital menu management

Automated feedback

24/7 support

Discount & voucher creation

Automated loyalty program

Online payment integrations

CRM, Data & Analytics

Automated reactivation campaigns

Don't take our word for it.

Rise Bake House
"We can create payment links in less than 2 minutes and share them directly with customers via our WhatsApp Business account or email. Receiving payment confirmation as well as having access to the ChatFood Dashboard makes it easy to track who has paid and who hasn't."
“Although we just started marketing and selling our cakes through WhatsApp and Instagram, we’ve driven more than 800 orders in our first month without being overwhelmed! ChatFood’s tools allow us to offer our customers a world-class ordering and support experience, letting us focus on growing our business.”
Khaled Fadly
Poke and Co
“We were looking for a more efficient and customer-friendly way to engage with our customers. Commerce Inbox was the answer, an intelligent combination of popular messaging channels. It's empowering us to provide personalized support to our customers, incentivize them, help them quickly discover our products, and, most importantly, make purchases on the messaging platforms they already use every day.”
Chunk Team
CHUNK Bakehouse
“With ChatFood’s pre-order feature, we can manage all of our orders efficiently and let our customers decide when they want their order delivered. We never miss an order and always keep our customers happy!”
Mr. Moshi
"I wanted to change the myth of sushi as a fine-dining meal and make it more accessible and quickly available. I see so many people who shied away from sushi for years are now sushi-lovers. With the help of Chatfood, I have been able to reach so many Moshians around the city easily & quickly."
G.O.A.T Team
“At GOAT, we make it our mission to create the greatest client experience! And since Instagram is the main vessel we utilize to engage with our clients, we figured it is essential to incorporate Chatfood's tools to create a great experience for our clients. Chatfood's user-friendly system helps us convert our followers into clients in a click of a button!"
Alberto Alonso de Prado
Hummingbird Bakery
"With ChatFood’s Instagram & WhatsApp integrations, we are empowered to sell on some of the most visited socials in today’s world! It gives our customers a seamless ordering experience & helps us in delivering our freshly baked American-style flavors to them which helps to increase repeat orders at 0% commission."
Little Erth
ChatFood helps you connect with your existing clientele and drive a new traffic."
"Just when you think they've reached the top, they find a way to best themselves! Delivery, pick-up, dine-in, marketing initiatives and more: we use ChatFood everywhere!"
VOX Cinemas
“We believe our customers will love our new seamless social media and website ordering experience, which was easy to set up with ChatFood’s out-of-the-box solution. In fact, we’re encouraging new customers with a 50% discount on our direct channels!”

Got questions?
We're here to answer any question you may have.

Getting Started

How often do you process payouts?
Based on your order and payment volume you can get your payouts daily, weekly, or monthly.
How long are the contracts?
They can be monthly or annual, depending on the plan you choose. You can cancel contracts anytime.
Is there any commission on orders?
We don't charge commission on orders. We charge a monthly or annual flat fee, depending on the plan you choose. Full transparency, no hidden fees.
Which currencies does ChatFood accept?
You can set up your account with any currency. For online payment, we currently support all GCC currencies, Euros, USD, GBP
Are there any transaction fees?
There are no transaction fees on the orders. The only transaction fee is the one from the online card payments. Pricing differs slightly per country due to local card fees. Chat to our friendly team to learn more about card fees.
Is there a setup fee?
No setup fees. You can set up your business yourself, as it's effortless, and we will help you if you need it. If you want us to set up everything for you, you can apply for a VIP onboarding and pay a small fee for it or subscribe to one of our annual plan and get it complementary.


Does ChatFood provide delivery services?
We provide integrations with delivery service providers in UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UK. We are constantly working on adding delivery partners.
Is there any delivery charge?
You only pay a fix fee per delivery based on distance. Part of the delivery cost can be passed on directly to the end-customer as a delivery fee. Chat to our friendly team to learn more about delivery fees.
Does ChatFood integrate with my POS?
We provide free integrations with the leading POS of the market such as Micros, Revel or Tevalis. We are constantly working on adding new POS partners.


Can I cancel my contracts at anytime?
Yes, it's possible to cancel your contract at any time, providing a 15-day notice through email.
Can I change my plan later on?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want. Price changes will be reflected after the end of the current subscription period.

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