5 tips to drive more commission-free sales during the World Cup

November 17, 2022
3 min

The World Cup is here! Many of your guests will want to watch games from the comfort of their homes and enjoy great food at the same time.

How can you make the most of the World Cup to boost your sales?

Here are 5 tips to follow!

#1 Enable the "Order in advance" feature:

Your guests want to ensure their food is there before the game starts. Guarantee the capture of important additional sales by giving them the option to easily pre-order their food!

> How to set it up? Go to Settings > Outlets > Delivery > Order Scheduling


#2 Enable your own loyalty program

There will be many games during the World Cup. That means many opportunities for you to drive more sales during those games. The perfect way to ensure that they order and reorder from you is by rewarding your guests for their loyalty.

Here is a suggestion for a good setup:

  • 20 AED as loyalty credit when you join the loyalty program
  • 10% cash back on every order
  • Redeem up to 20% of your bill with your points
  • Turn on WhatsApp reminders to remind them about their balance after every order.

> How to set it up? Go to Marketing > Loyalty program


#3 Send an SMS / WhatsApp reminder before the games

SMS or WhatsApp messages are the best way to remind your audience at the right time to order from you. See a 39x increase in return on investments by investing in 1 SMS or WhatsApp campaign, an amazing statistic proven by some of our partners.

Here is a suggestion for a good setup:

  • Plan the campaign 2 hours before the game. The game is at 7 pm? Send it at 5.
  • Offer a discount or a free item
  • Segment your audience to make the message relevant

> How to set it up? Go to Marketing > SMS Marketing or WhatsApp Marketing


#4 Create a World Cup special menu section

Make it easy for your guests to order the food they love to watch a game. Create a section to display on top of your menu with bundled items perfect for a game!

Here is a suggestion for a good setup:

  • Your best sellers + drinks + free dessert
  • Easy to share food bundles
  • Buy one get one free

> How to set it up? Go to Menus > Create a section > Add items

#5 Activate payment links for special requests

The World Cup is also the perfect occasion for gatherings and your guests might have special requests for large orders and customized ones.
Easily get paid with ChatFood payment links so you never have to run after payments or prepare food for last-minute unpaid cancellations

> How to set it up? Go to Payment links


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