Maximizing Your Restaurant's Potential During Ramadan with ChatFood

March 14, 2023
3 min

During Ramadan, restaurants like yours will experience a surge in demand, making it a busy month. Chatfood's ordering platform can help streamline the process, increase visibility, provide real-time insights, and enhance the customer experience, ultimately boosting sales during this period. To help restaurants make the most of Ramadan, here are some ways they can leverage Chatfood's features:

Create a Special Ramadan Menu

Make your restaurant stand out during Ramadan by creating special menus and bundles tailored towards the occasion. Offer unique combinations of your best-selling items and add a complimentary drink or dessert to delight your customers. With ChatFood, updating your menu is quick and easy.

> How to set it up? Go to Menus > Create a section > Add items

Enable Pre-Order

During Ramadan, customers want to ensure their meal is ready before it's time to break their fast. Allowing customers to pre-order their food before Iftar is a smart way to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to capture additional sales.

> How to set it up? Go to Settings > Outlets > Delivery > Order Scheduling

Payment Links for Your Convenience

Ramadan is the perfect occasion for gatherings, and your guests may have special requests for large and customized orders. With ChatFood Payment Links, you can easily get paid without having to chase after payments or prepare food for last-minute unpaid cancellations.

> How to set it up? Go to Payment links on your dashboard

Go a step further and take your sales to the next level by activating your sales channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp, with your direct ordering links. This allows customers to order directly from the platforms they are already using, potentially tripling your direct orders while saving up to 30% on commissions. For your dine-in customers, ChatFood has a solution - you can set up QR codes, allowing customers to order from their phones, which enhances their dine-in experience leading to an increase in average spend by 34% and the basket size by 14%.

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