Grow order volume and customer loyalty with SMS and WhatsApp marketing

June 7, 2022
4 min

Chatfood’s SMS & WhatsApp marketing packages are a simple, affordable, and highly effective way of surprising your customers with unique offers and discounts at the right time; turning them into regulars. Here are 4 ways you can use data-driven marketing to grow your direct order sales, build customer loyalty and increase brand recognition.

Incentivize a second order

Build customer loyalty by turning first-time buyers into repeat customers with exclusive offers on subsequent orders. Encourage them with limited-time discounts or the opportunity to double their loyalty points.

Re-engage old customers.

Encourage your dormant customers to come back by sending targeted & exclusive offers to re-engage them. Grab their attention with a short text featuring a discount code on their next order.

Grow basket size

Combine the power of data offered by Chatfood’s analytics dashboard with the convenience and efficiency of data-driven marketing to drive orders on slower days.

Announce special events.

Make your customers feel special by updating them on your news as soon as they happen. Announce the opening of a new branch with an exclusive discount on direct orders.

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