Tips for creating discount vouchers

March 23, 2022
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Promotions are very efficient practices to attract consumers. In addition to generating sales, they can create new customers and retain buyers. In this pandemic season, discounts are even more in demand, because most people are decreasing their profits, so they are giving greater importance to low prices.

It's essential to create a promotion and dissemination strategy to have good results with the campaign. What should be thought of when creating a discount? How to create a discount voucher? How to publicize the campaign? If you have these doubts, check out our tips here.

Create discount strategy

The first thing to do when you want to create a promotion is to decide what benefits the customer will have. It can be a direct discount on the purchase price, so you must decide what percentage of the value. It can be a promotion that offers the receipt or discount on a product conditioned to double orders. For example, when you buy two snacks, the fries are half the price.

Loyalty cards are widespread in restaurants. You establish a number of meals to be consumed in a certain period, and the consumer gets a free meal after they reach that number. Other advantages can be free shipping, a voucher for the next purchase and others. Creativity at this time is essential, but the objective the company wants to achieve must always be defined first.

You also need to take into account the company production capacity and profit margin. Remember that the promotion should be attractive to the customer, but it should also bring a return to the business. It can be new customers or generate a future profit. For that, it needs to increase the number of customers or products that the customer intended to consume.

For example, the customer intends to buy only a snack and soda, but for the promotion, if they buy both, the dessert comes out at half the price. So they decide to buy another dessert because of the discount. They might love candies, so next time they will buy them at full price. This is a beneficial strategy when you have a new product that is still unknown.

Create discount disclosure

Internet and delivery sales are the most sought after this time when everyone prioritizes staying at home to protect themselves from the pandemic. But it is not enough for the company to have a product delivery structure if it doesn't have good marketing. The internet is the most efficient channel for disseminating discounts. An effective way to advertise promotions on the web is to create a discount voucher. It can be used in physical stores or online.

When creating a discount coupon, it's essential to make it clear to the customer about the terms and conditions. They need to know clearly what they can get and how to do it. Entering the start and end dates of the promotion is essential as information. Finalizing the campaign is important to assess whether it was beneficial and worth continuing. If it's worthwhile, you can extend the promotion and make some modifications if you need it.

Limiting the promotion date is also effective in creating an emergency trigger for the consumer. You can also set a limit based on the number of people who used it. For example, the first ten people who respond to this post will get a discount on their second snack.

The customers attention can be drawn to promotions creating expectations on social networks. For example, you can state that on Mondays, you will announce the week's promotion. Or, every Thursday, you will give a 10% discount on fries for those who order a specific item. This type of advertising can be linked to a day or a meal that sells less, to help increase the sale. In this type of discount, it's easy to see the campaign results.

Defining the advertising channels is essential. Many businesses do it through their social media pages. So it's important to have enough followers on the pages. It can even be a requirement to like the page and share the post to earn the promotion discount. There are several marketing strategies to increase followers, such as sponsoring pages, advertising on Google, and more sophisticated ones.

On some platforms, it's possible to create a discount banner. They can be posted on websites. Knowing the target audience to identify their tastes and interests is vital to be able to create posts and ads in the right places that catch their attention.

Create discount coupon

There are several ways to generate a discount coupon. It can be a code applicable at the online checkout. It can be a voucher that the person has to print and present physically. Or it may be automatically linked to the order.

The post advertising the voucher on the networks must have a good design that draws attention and has precise information. If the restaurant doesn't have a designer, they can use Canva, a creative website with intuitive and accessible tools. It's possible to choose ready templates and images, photos, texts, in addition to the business logo. Some tutorials teach you how to use it. The generated images can be shared in newsletters and social networks.

Some apps generate vouchers. Other websites offer the disclosure service along with the creation of the voucher. They serve different business segments, just register and look at their conditions.

For the food industry, there's the ChatFood platform, which offers an ordering system through social networks or websites. We provide a closer business-customer relationship, marketing, and monitoring tools as well.

Choosing the best way to do a promotional campaign is a marketing strategy, where several factors about the company must be taken into account. It's important to monitor results and make changes when necessary. The relationship with the customer on the internet and precise information when creating a discount voucher are essential.

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