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March 23, 2022
7 min

Data is one of the most valuable assets a business can have; this is indisputable. But raw data is often messy and can be challenging to read!

This is where data visualization proves to be a valuable function. It shows the performance of a business with simple charts, making it easy to understand and analyze different reports. Be it sales, orders, or customers, and discover the key areas that need improvement.

With ChatFood Dashboard and its stellar data visualization capabilities, you don't have to be a data analyst to investigate your business performance. We provide the right tools to help you get the necessary insights and make the right choices, resulting in improved customer relationships and a strengthened business. 

How to effectively use the ChatFood Dashboard?

The Dashboard has four cards, sales, orders, performance metrics, and customer sessions.

Those elements are affected by two primary filters: Outlets allow you to filter one or more outlets and see the data only for those stores. And Date to select the data inside the period you want. 


This chart represents the amount of revenue you made from completed orders.


This is the volume of orders processed, either weekly or daily. 

If your business doesn't get enough orders, here are a few tricks that can help you boost the volume of your orders, therefore, your sales:

- Activate the welcome points‚ feature for your loyalty program that enables your new customers to collect rewards points when signing up. By accelerating the first reward, you will be building a trust-based relationship that drives profitable sales.

- Google My Business is an excellent solution to make your business stand out. Make sure customers see your business first when they search for it. Then, let them easily place an order from Google.

- Reach your customers where they already are with our Social Commerce solution.

Performance metrics

Order acceptance rate

This is the split of how your orders have been managed.

New customers

The percentage of new customers you got relative to the selected filters.

Returning customers

Amount of customers that have previously ordered from you and ordered again relative to the selected filters.

The last two metrics, new vs. returning, can be a fantastic asset when creating promotions. You might want to consider building campaigns to attract new customers or offer discounts to reward your returning ones.


ChatFood gives you a private feedback system to learn from your customers and take action without hurting your online reputation.

The reviews metric shows the average customer rating on orders relative to the selected period.

Customer sessions

Total Sessions

It shows how many user sessions or visits your business got on the ordering page. It is the same to say, "how many customers came in through the door in your store." These are not unique sessions, meaning that if the same user visited your online store three different times in a day, it would count three times.

Overall Conversion

As for this one, it shows, in percentage, how many of those initial sessions became orders. For example, if your conversion is 10%, it means that out of 10 visits to your online store, you got one order.

What's Next?

Learn more about our visual Dashboard tools and stay tuned for more features we'll send your way soon!

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