What are the cloud kitchens? Find out and learn how to use them

March 23, 2022
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The increase in the popularity of delivery apps, has grown a market share that wasn't so much explored in many countries: the cloud kitchens, also known as shared kitchens or commissary kitchens. The term was given to gastronomic establishments that don't have so much space for physical assistance, as in conventional restaurants.

Cloud kitchens are among the major tendencies in the delivery industry, and they will remain this way for many years. As we know the market growth, we brought you some tips on how to invest in this kind of business and what you need to know before you start. Let's check!

How does the cloud kitchen work?

The cloud kitchen works like a traditional restaurant, but without the structure that these establishments typically offer. Usually, the entrepreneur rents a space that is already fully structured, and with all the items they need to prepare dishes to customers.

This tendency started to gain more visibility in the market around 2018 when many companies in Europe began investing in shared kitchens to sell their menus. At the same time, there was an increase in the delivery service, favoring the market on both sides.

How to invest in a cloud kitchen?

First of all, it's necessary to obey the sanitary premises and legal obligations of regular business. The idea is not just to pay for cooking space. The cloud kitchen needs to be structured as part of a commercial business.

Choose carefully the place where you will install your restaurant. Identify if there's any delivery service around, space for stock, order management, among other essential features for your own company's administration.

What are the benefits of the cloud kitchen?

The cost of maintenance and more accessible operations are the biggest attractions for most restaurant owners. You have no expenses with renovation, machinery, and tools to put your kitchen into work. Everything is entirely provided by whoever offers the space.

Besides the investment, other advantages deserve attention:

  • Reduced bankruptcy risk
  • Menus with more competitive prices
  • Possibility of increasing your marketing investment
  • Investment in an expanding market.

Cloud kitchens are an up-and-coming business model. Despite being a relatively new market, its growth shows how much it facilitates small entrepreneurs‚ lives. The numbers indicate the increase in the adhesion of this business model, both by entrepreneurs and customers of delivery services. It's worth considering this application in your project.

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