What is the Facebook Pixel? How Can Restaurants Use it to Generate More Revenue?

March 23, 2022
6 min

So what is the Facebook pixel anyway? Well, Imagine if 70% of your potential customers visited your restaurant, sat down, took a look at your menu, started placing their order with a waiter‚ and then just got up and left.

This would be ridiculously frustrating.

With digital menus, it's not uncommon for up to 70% of people to browse, and then leave. But! They're not gone. Integrating your Facebook Pixel with your ChatFood digital menu is your solution to converting visitors into customers.

What is it?

The Facebook Pixel is a tiny piece of code that tracks customer behavior across the web, and allows you to build audiences from the customers that interacted with those pages.

When a customer views your page, it loads the Pixel and sends the event to your ads manager. It even understands different behaviors when implemented properly (click here for help with getting set-up).

When integrated with your website and/or ChatFood digital menu, it knows when your customers view your items, select a dish, add it to their cart, and purchase.

Why is it useful?

Here's where the magic happens: your Facebook and Instagram ads can target towards those who completed some or all of these steps, surely increasing your conversions and therefore driving more revenue to your restaurant.

  • Retarget interested customers
    For example: say a customer opened your menu, and even looked at a couple of items. Another customer might have added an order to their cart, and then left. Since Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are all owned by one company, you can retarget these customers all over their social media feeds, and give them that little push to get them to order.
  • Get more repeat orders & reach more customers
    What about the customers that already order from you? With Pixel data, you can incentivize them to re-order, and even find new customers that are most likely to also complete orders. These are called lookalikes and are created by Facebook to automatically match characteristics of what your target audience looks like. For example, if your specialty is Vegan dishes, it would make sense to show it to other vegans, and not meat-lovers. Cool, right?

The ChatFood Effect

Own Your Customer Relationships
We believe that you should own your customer relationships. When listed on an aggregator, all of this incredibly useful Pixel data is owned by them, to get more people to use their apps. With ChatFood, you have access to this data. This is a huge difference.

It means that you control your customer acquisition and retention, and you're not dependent on the aggregators algorithm being favorable to you.

Our restaurant partners have seen an average of 5X return on their ads, after integrating their Facebook Pixel into their digital menus.

A Seamless Ordering Experience
So, you've got your Pixel up and running, and you're utilizing expert restaurant marketing services (like ChatFood's) and collecting invaluable customer behavior data.

Now what?
Since your ordering system is a link, you can also use it on your Website, WhatsApp, Facebook page or Messenger and your Pixel is tracking your customer behavior the whole time.

And thanks to our partnership with Instagram, you can enable the [Order Food] buttons and stickers to get orders directly via your feed ads, your profile, and even your stories. This makes it super easy for customers to order directly. Here's how it works:

And the best part? Get your Pixel, integrate it to your menu, collect valuable customer data, reach new customers, and offer a seamless ordering experience — at 0% commission.

What are you waiting for? Click here to implement your Facebook Pixel.

Do you want to activate expert restaurant marketing services that generate a 5X return on ad spend? Get in touch.

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